What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the name given to activity that attempts to improve search engine rankings.

In our modern world, the internet become more and more powerful day by day. Therefore, a lot of company or brand attach more importance to their web site. In such a environment, becoming more visible in the internet is really important for many companies or brands etc. Thus, they work with some experts who can give them that visibility.

On of the most popular words in the internet is ‘’SEO’’ nowadays. SEO is an abbreviation for the ‘’Search Engine Optimization’’. It is used to rise the placement of a web site in the search engine results. The power of a web site in the internet generally depends on its visibility in search engines. Most of the users only look first page of the search engine results and they only visit the web sites which are on the top of the results. Therefore, if you want to rise the popularity of your web site on the internet, you should get a SEO service from an expert.

The change speed of the world is really high nowadays. Just ten years ago, only 10-20 per cent of the world had an internet connection. However, today, almost all people have an internet connection and they meet most of their needs via internet. The internet could be used for paying bills, shopping etc. In short, the shortest way to reach a lot of people for a company is the internet. According to statistics, the companies that invested in the internet, become more popular than their rivals that did not invest in the internet, in last ten years. Therefore, SEO service is really important for a web site.

There are different methods for SEO service. The two main category is on site SEO and Off site SEO. Both are very important for the visibility of the web sites in the search engines. On site SEO contains works about the aspect, the content and the codification of the web site. The most important on site SEO work is about keywords. If you get a good SEO service, your SEO expert specify keywords for you. Specifying the key words is not their only job. They also should decide where to put the keywords. For example, putting the keyword in the title is known as a good SEO technique for the visibility of the web site in the search engine results. Therefore, the SEO service should attach importance to that. Original contents on the web site is another important factor for the on site SEO work. If people can find some original contents and articles on a web site, the probability of visiting the web site again becomes higher.

Off site SEO service is also important. Most significant method of off site SEO service is using back links. Back links are links on the different web sites which sends users to your web site. In this way, the popularity of your web site could increase. However, that process should be made carefully. If back links do not placed professionally, people could find it attractive and it could leads to losing visitors.

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